"Bay of Pigs" All Over Again!

by Steven Shamrak

More than four years ago (Feb 2004) a CIA report projected: 'The death of PA Chairman Yasser Arafat would set in motion a sequence of events that could culminate in an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, a report released this week by the US intelligence community predicts'. The evaluation was formulated by the National Intelligence Council, which operates under the guidance of CIA director George Tenet.

My comment at the time was: "Could" - Does not mean will. They were wrong about September 11, Afghanistan and Iraq. There is no reason to trust and believe them now. Pan Arab philosophy, not Arafat, is responsible for worldwide terror! Arafat is not a problem, he is just another symptom of Islamic international terror policy which denies Jews a Jewish state in a Jewish land!

It seems that the old saying "One can't change the nature of the beast!" is still true. And it applies not only to so-called Palestinians but also to the CIA's strategically biased analytical abilities (or disability) as well judging by the 'success' the United States is having in Afghanistan and Iraq. Isn't it time to ask: Where is the Intelligence in the US National Intelligence?