Back to Basics of Reality

by Steven Shamrak

In 1948, UN resolution 242 had a map maze of 6 triangles, Jewish and Arabs, with Jerusalem as an independent city. It was the separation plan for the remaining land of Palestinian mandate. Immediately, an embargo on arms trade to the region was imposed and population transfer, as a tool for conflict resolution, was forbidden.

Arabs rejected the UN resolution, but Jews, like a nice little boy, agreed to accept even left over crumps, 18% of Palestinian Mandate, given by the International community.

Considering that Arab countries were created several years before and already had armed armies, the plan was to complete the Holocaust, using blood-thirsty Arab states and produce a stillborn baby – Israel!

Only the SINAI OPTION or any complete transfer of the Arabs from all Jewish land to 21 Arab states can resolve the Arab-Israel conflict.

Next time when someone tells about ‘poor Palestinians’ and their rights, ask them: "Let’s suppose Israel gives up all the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights and even all Jerusalem, will it really bring peace?" Arabs seek only a border acceptable to them – it is the coast line of the Mediterranean sea!

Why Population Transfer is good for all, but Jews?

In 1922, 1.8 million were transferred b/w Greece and Turkey.

In 1947, 12 millions were transferred when India peninsula were divided.

During last 15 years, almost 4 millions refugees were created by Sudan.

There are many more examples when millions of people were transferred in order to resolve conflicts since 1948.