Assassinations are good for Terrorists

by Steven Shamrak (written in April 2004)

An Israeli helicopter missile strike has killed Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi, the second Hamas leader. Immediately, “All the Usual Suspects” immediately expressed their ritualistic outrage. Did they ever ask why Muslim terrorists are so eagerly willing to die?

Shahid (Marthyr) means "fighter for the faith". According to Islam teaching, it is the highest status any Muslim can achieve. When someone dies as a shahid he will be sitting in Heaven at the dinner table with Allah facing G-d. And, it is expected that he will receive 72 virgins as a prize for his sacrifice (I am not sure what the deal is for female shahids). Not only the suiciders, but even men and boys who have been killed on the street have been claimed as shahids.

Shahid status has become a prestige matter for many Muslim families. A family of a shahid may expect help, privilege and respect here on Earth and they will definitely get their place in Heaven. That is the reason why many Muslim families encourage their children to take this path.

Rantissi was a co-founder of Hamas. Even before March 22, he was the de facto leader of Hamas. He knew that he was a target and welcomed the idea by saying: “I am not afraid, because I believe the last day for me is not in the hand of Sharon, but in the hands of Allah”. He wanted to die as a shahid.

Hamas members and all Muslim terrorists must be full of joy. Their two beloved leaders are with Allah now. This is what they all believe. This is why they are ready to sacrifice their own lives. Why are they so angry at Israel? According to the teaching they follow, Israel just helps to fulfill the will of Allah. They must not be angry. It is a sin! They must not question the will of Allah!

The killing of Islamic terrorists by infidels is what they really want and desire. Therefore, Israel must be praised for helping them to achieve their highest inspirations!