Anti-Israel Population Transfer Law!

by Steven Shamrak

When the term “population transfer”, as a resolution to unprecedented terror which Israel continuously has been facing since its independence, is mentioned most people, especially Jews, don’t want to hear about it and become quite vocal and even aggressive! They are not aware or just disinterested to know that population transfer has been reasonably successfully used to resolve many conflicts throughout the world before its adoption and also after, often with the blessings and participation of the League of Nations and the United Nations!

In 1923, close to 2 million people, Greek Orthodox and Muslims, most of them were forcibly removed and transferred from their homelands. Although the politically correct term is used now is "population exchange"!

After World War II, there were approximately 50 million refugees in Europe. Now, there are none! Some of them returned to their homes, most were resettled in other countries of Europe, or migrated to the US, Canada, Australia, South America and Israel.

The partition of British India at midnight on 14–15 August 1947 created almost 12 million refugees. They were moved between India and Pakistan, including Bangladesh at the time. Unlike the so-called Palestinians, not one of them is registered as a refugee now, or is still subsidized by the United Nations!

Article 49 of Fourth Geneva Convention, which was adopted in 1949 and is now part of customary international law, prohibits mass movement of people out of or into of occupied territory. Interestingly, it has became an issue only after Israel won a war against seven Muslim states, and the removal of the enemy population became a necessity to prevent further acts of aggression and terror against Jewish population!

Since its adoption, the Fourth Geneva Convention has been preventing only Israel from transferring enemy population! There have been many conflicts throughout the world since it was adopted when the population transfer was successfully conducted. Most of the time, it was facilitated by the United Nations, in violation of its own ruling, under the name of refugee resettlement program!

At the same time, this deeply anti-Semitic organization stubbornly maintains the refugee status of the fake Palestinian people, who left Israel on orders from their leaders during the War of Independence, to facilitate genocide of Jews and the speedy defeat of newly created Jewish state by advancing Muslim armies. The UN has been spending billions of dollars each year on maintaining these fake refugees - of 4th generation already!

In Europe, the last major population transfer involved the deportation of 800,000, and displacement of 250,000 other ethnic Albanians, during the Kosovo war in 1999. It was the single largest population transfer in history of modern Europe after the expulsion of Germans from Poland and other states after World War II, which involved more than 12 million people.

Turkish military invasion of the island of Cyprus in 1974 resulted in the capture of approximately 40% of the island. Over 120,000 settlers came to Cyprus from mainland Turkey. This was a violation of the Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention (still nothing has been done about it). Around 150,000 people (more than one-quarter of the total population of Cyprus, and up to one-third of its Greek Cypriot population) were expelled from the occupied northern part of the island. A little over a year later in 1975, almost 60,000 Turkish Cypriots (half the Turkish Cypriot population), were ‘displaced’/transferred from the South to the North.

Many millions of Sudanese refugees fled the country from Darfur and Southern Sudan! Conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria created huge number of refugees. Many of them have been resettled under underfunded UN refugees program. At the same time, after over 70 years, the ‘Ugly Nazi’ is still financing the existence and is unwilling to review and change the status of the fake Palestinian refugees!

According to even the UN legal definition - Judea, Samaria and Gaza are disputed not occupied territories. Just because Arabs and others say agree with bogus Palestinians claim on Jewish ancestral land it does not make it a legitimate one!

The latest case of pending ‘population transfer’, the correct description would be ‘population return’, is the expulsion from Myanmar of Rohingya Muslims. In spite of all noise, condemnations and claims of progress, they will be resettled in Bangladesh - the place of their origin. The same should apply to the so-called Palestinians!

Most of the non-Jewish population of Israel and territories are Arabs, Egyptians, Sudanese, Algerians, Kurds, Cherkesians, Turkmen and even Bosnians! They were moved or resettled by occupied powers - the Ottoman Empire first and British later - to the Jewish land immediately after the modern Zionist movement made an announcement about the intention of Jews to return to their ancestral land. They love Israel so much! Why do they stay? Why can’t they be returned to the countries of their origin?

More than 75% of the Arab population on the PA controlled territories supports terror attacks against Israel/Jews. Although, many of them would love to leave! The PA and Hamas have declared many times that their objective is to destroy Israel and create another Arab state on Jewish land! Any other self-respecting country, facing such level of terror and hate from hostile non-indigenous population, would have removed them a long time ago! Israel has enough military and security reasons to conduct transfer of enemy population to the neighboring Arab states and let the United Nation and the Arab league to take care of them, as they habitually do. It is long overdue! Israel must not wait for permission from them – it will never come!