About the Mufti of Jerusalem!

(Compiled by Steven Shamrak)

The Mufti did not inspire Hitler to commit the Holocaust, but he was a willing and eager participant. The silence and quiet endorsement of the international anti-Semitic community was the true inspiration! They were silent to killing of millions of Jews - the same as they were indifferent to the genocide of Armenians by Turkey in 1915. This silence was Hitler’s real inspiration!

On August 22, 1939, in preparation for the impending invasion of Poland, Hitler stated to Reichmarshal Hermann Goering and the commanding generals at Obersalzberg...

"Our strength consists in our speed and in our brutality. Genghis Khan led millions of women and children to slaughter - with premeditation and a happy heart. History sees in him solely the founder of a state. It's a matter of indifference to me what a weak western European civilization will say about me… Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?"

In 1941, Haj Amin al-Husseini fled to Germany and met with Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Joachim Von Ribbentrop and other Nazi leaders. He wanted to persuade them to extend the Nazis’ anti-Jewish program to the Arab world.

The Mufti sent Hitler 15 drafts of declarations he wanted Germany and Italy to make concerning the Middle East. One called on the two countries to declare the illegality of the Jewish home in Palestine.

In November 1941, the Mufti met with Hitler, who told him the Jews were his foremost enemy. The Nazi dictator rebuffed the Mufti's requests for a declaration in support of the Arabs, however, telling him the time was not right.

Mufti offered Hitler his “thanks for the sympathy which he had always shown for the Arab and especially Palestinian cause, and to which he had given clear expression in his public speeches....The Arabs were Germany's natural friends because they had the same enemies as had Germany, namely....the Jews....

In 1945, Yugoslavia sought to indict the Mufti as a war criminal for his role in recruiting 20,000 Muslim volunteers for the SS, who participated in the killing of Jews in Croatia and Hungary. He escaped from French detention in 1946, however, and continued his fight against the Jews from Cairo and later Beirut. He died in 1974.

Another thing that Hitler was inspired from Islam, was the idea of the yellow star. It was required for Jews to wear it in Muslim invaded countries to ensure that they were treated as 2nd class citizens.

Things You Need to Know About the Mufti

1) Husseini used the “Temple Mount libel” to drive the 1929 Arab massacre of Jews in Hebron. (Fatah and Hamas are doing now!)

2) Husseini worked closely with Adolf Eichmann on the extermination of Jews in the Holocaust. (The PA has the same goal!)

3) Husseini’s role throughout World War II was as an anti-Semitic, anti-Allied propagandist.

4) Nazi support of Husseini led to radicalizing the Muslim world.

5) Husseini’s radical, violent anti-Semitism became a founding feature in both Palestinian nationalism and modern Islamism.

6) Husseini’s “fusion” of European anti-Semitism with Islamic views of Jewish evil has been adopted by Islamists around the world. (Regardless if it is Shi'a Iran or Sunni Saudi Arabia!)

7) Husseini recruited thousands of Muslim soldiers for Hitler.

8) Husseini was designated by the UN as a war criminal. (But France let him go!)

9) After World War II, Husseini continued spreading anti-Semitic propaganda as a central tenet of Palestinian nationalism.

10) Husseini remains a hero to Palestinians.

Arafat's mother, Hamida Khalifa al-Husseini was, a cousin to the very same Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Therefore, Arafat was his nephew or grand-nephew and was inspired by him to create his own Jew-hating, genocidal, terrorist organization - Fatah!

Another Muslim ‘invention’ that Hitler was inspired by was idea of the yellow star. The practice was used in Islam dominated countries in order to distinguish and humiliate Jews and other non-Muslims and in order to treat them as 2nd class citizen!