Ariel Sharon vowed that Israel would bring in 1 million new immigrants by 2020. “Israel must have a large Jewish population,” he said. “I have ordered the government to make this a main objective.”

This is another of Sharon’s political stunts, made in order to divert public attention from the immorality of failed deportation of Jews from Gaza, preparation for the future deportations of Jews from Judea and Samaria, as well as from existing economic, political and social problems!

Israeli politicians and press are silent about hundred of thousands of Jews who have been leaving Israel due to corruption and economic uncertainty. This atmosphere has being fostered by successive Israeli governments! The governing of Israel has become a mafia outlet business. It allows complete disregard for existing laws and widespread extortion, fraud and abuse of power. Little is done to improve existing legal legislations and governmental procedures. Vitamin ‘P’ = Protexya (it is who you know that is important) is still the ugly norm of the Israeli way of life! The important economical, political and military problems have been perpetuated for decades without any serious attempt to resolve them.

The Labour infested judicial system is completely ineffective and often used as a tool of political intrusion or a blackmail mechanism. The aggression of the Arab countries and Islamic terrorism is conveniently used as a perpetuating excuse to divert public attention and anger from political corruption and inaction!

The Law of Return has been widely violated by Sharon and previous Labour governments. Hundred of thousands of non-Jews from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia have been brought to Israel by the Jewish Agency. The Agency has become a powerful, unaccountable to anyone, apparatus with the main goal of keeping ‘business’ alive. The Jewish background of new migrants is not even checked and has become irrelevant. As a result even the Russian-speaking fascists have found a home in Israel. Yet no legal actions were taken against the Jewish Agency. Furthermore, the Ministry of Absorption does nothing to correct unlawfulness in the immigration process. The ‘fake Jews’ are still in Israel and there are no plans for their expulsion.

Nobody even wants to consider the enormous national, religious, political and social ramifications of this incredibly devastating and self-destructive stupidity that Israel and all the Jewish people are facing. It will escalate in the future if the problem is not dealt with now! We need the Jewish Nation proudly standing on all Jewish land, not a nation full of fake Jews! At the moment apathy, materialism, National displacement and frustration are dominant tendencies of Israeli society. Idealistic Zionism fades away!

This is not another alarmist theory. This problem is the treacherous reality. It is even more dangerous to the survival of the Jewish people than the Holocaust was, or existing International anti-Semitism!