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Introduction Letters.

      Arab-Israel Conflict - Forgotten Facts!

      Why Israel is Suspicious of United Nations?

      Ethnic Make Up of ‘Palestinians’.



  20Feb  Will Bibi Fail by Inaction Again?

  13Feb  Concealing the Ugliness of Holocaust Crimes

  06Feb  UNRWA vs UNHCR – The Shocking Numbers

  30Jan  Pence Delivered a Zionist Speech!

  22Jan  The True Abbas is Finally Revealed

  15Jan  Beginning of the End in anti-Israel Game?

  08Jan  Annexation Requires No Knesset Involvement

  26Dec  Pathetic and Gutless anti-Semitic World

  19Dec  Fifty Years of the Two-State Solution Blackmail

  12Dec  Anti-Semites of the World are United

  05Dec  Open Season Declared on Israel

  28Nov  Criminality of the Enemy Population

  21Nov  Iranians in Syria – Fast Fix is Needed

  14Nov  Allies by Mutual Necessity?

  07Nov  Israel is a Test-tube for Islamic Terror

  31Oct  A Self-hating Jew

  24Oct  Muslim on Muslim War

  17Oct  Trump Targets Iran and Guards

  10Oct  Sick and Murderous Way Out

  04Oct  Jewish Way of Responding to Hate

  25Sep  Supporting Israel is a Duty of the Left

  19Sep  Be a Proud Sovereign Nation!


  04Sep  Jews also Have Human Rights

  29Aug  Europe Died in Auschwitz

  22Aug  Muslim Majority is Silent!

  15Aug  True Meaning of Jewish Self-Determination

  08Aug  Old Game of Peace Must be Abandoned

  01Aug  Spineless Leadership Must Go

  25Jul  Is the Conflict Really Complex?

  18Jul  Israel Can Change the Status Quo

  11Jul  Modi is Breaking Ugly Tradition

  04Jul  Why is Israel so Generous to its Enemy?

  28Jun  Perpetual Negotiations Must End

  21Jun  Alternative to Netanyahu is Needed

  14Jun  Bibi still Plays Delusional Game of Peace

  07Jun  The Price of Friendship is Too High


  23May Moving Embassy is Easy!

  15May No Chance for Israel-PA Peace Deal

  08May Israel does not need Another Mediator

  02May Israel Has No Right to Exist

  25Apr Allies Knew about the Slaughter of Jews

  18Apr World doesn't Care about Fake Palestinians

  12Apr Transfer of Fake Palestinians is Legal

  03Apr The 100 Year Betrayal of Israel by West

  29Mar Masochistic Nature of Israel

  22Mar Two-State Concept is Path to War

  14Mar Beware of Trump Bearing Gifts!

  07Mar No Trust in Israeli Legal System!

  28Feb Myth of the US Military Aid to Israel

  21Feb No More Excuses Bibi

  14Feb The Next Step is Sovereignty!

  07Feb Reading Between the Lines, not Fake News!

  31Jan Will the Real Bibi Stand Up?

  24Jan The Embassy Must be Moved to Jerusalem

  16Jan Paris Conference - anti-Israel Assault

  10Jan Israeli Gutless Leadership is to Blame



  26Dec International Anti-Semitic Smokescreen

  20Dec Has Israel Become an anti-Zionist State

  13Dec Pagan Origin of Christmas!

  06Dec We Did not Enlist to Evict Jews

  29Nov State-Sponsored Chaos Must End

  22Nov Announcing the New State Solution

  15Nov Trump Promises to Israel and Jews

  08Nov Recognition and Betrayal of Eretz-Israel

  02Nov The Altalena Remembered

  25Oct Please Boycott This - Made in Israel

  18Oct Another Shameful LOW for the UN

  11Oct Should Israel Buy F-35 from US?

  04Oct Anti-Zionist Legal System of Israel

  27Sep Response to the UN Obsession with Israel

  20Sep US Congressmen Support Judea and Samaria

  13Sep Hamastan – Terrorist State of Fake Nation

  06Sep Liberate the West from Islam First

  30Aug Proselytation is a Spiritual Holocaust

  23Aug Time is Running Out for Attack on Iran

  16Aug World Owes Israel a Debt of Gratitude

  09Aug The Cost of US Aid to Israel

  02Aug Europe Tastes Normality of Israel Terror

  26Jul   The Real Number of Fake Refugees

  19Jul   Politically Incorrect Cynicism

  12Jul   US Government Biased Against Israel

  04Jul   Is Russia the Next Security Guarantor?

  28Jun  Grand Traitor of Israeli Left

  21Jun  Who were the 1948 Arab Refugees?

  13Jun  Arab Destruction of Israel Solution

  07Jun  Self-Hating Jewish Left is Enemy Within!

  31May Political Survival or Prostitution?

  24May Human Rights Movement's anti-Semitism

  17May Israel Must Become the Major Player

  10May To My Dear Fallow Jews!

  02May Anti-Israel International Provocations

  26Apr Enemy of Israel are Always United

  19Apr Judicial Perversion in Israel Against Jews

  12Apr 'Ugly Nazi' at Its anti-Semitic Best

  05Apr International anti-Israel Lawfare

  29Mar Occupation Does not Drive Terror

  22Mar European Aggression Against Israel

  15Mar UNHRC is Obsessed with Israel

  08Mar PA has Only One-State Solution in Mind!

  01Mar No Nation Gives up on Its Homeland!

  23Feb Israel is a Sovereign State - Good Advice!

  16Feb Appeasement Did not Work for France!

  09Feb Israel Thrives During World Stagnation!

  02Feb Jew-Friendly Arabs are a Myth!

  26Jan Ugliness of this Friendship Must be Changed

  19Jan Religious Forgery of Islam

  12Jan Root Them Out and Kick Them Out!

  05Jan Problems with Contiguity of the Fake Nation



  21Dec The Fifth Column is Sabotaging Israel

  14Dec Reflecting on ABC Justifications

  09Oct The Light in Jewish Life

  02Oct Disproportionate Response is Needed!

  24Nov Luxurious Life of Privileged Refugees

  17Nov Failure to Identify Enemy!

  10Nov Jews Bought the Land of Israel Back

  03Nov UN Denounces Israel, not PA Terror

  27Oct  About the Mufti of Jerusalem

  20Oct  Israel is Violating the UN Charter

  13Oct  Education and Calming Enemies does not Work

  06Oct  Peace Process is a Sucker Game for Israel

  28Sep Nobody Has Signed the Fake Deal!

  21Sep Israel is Too Good to Stone Killers

  15Sep Blackmail by the Oslo Accords Cancelation

  08Sep Jewish Response to anti-Semitic Bastardy

  01Sep Genocidal Anti-Semitic Intentions of P5+1

  25Aug Biblical Warning to the US Congress!

  18Aug Harassment of Zionists by Israeli Government

  11Aug Justifiable Voice of Jewish Outrage!

  04Aug The US-UNRWA Accord Fostering Fake Refugees!

  28Jul  Israel is the Smart Nation!

  21Jul  A Con Job Agreement!

  14Jul  'Useless Nothing' is still Ugly

  07Jul  Ramadan is Month of Violence and Hate

  30Jun Israel is a Tiny Oasis of Democracy

  23Jun Islamic Terror Business

  16Jun Being a Jew Trumps Assimilation

  09Jun The Truth Revealed about 'One People'

  02Jun The Price of US-Israel Friendship is Too High

  26May Warning about an Opportunistic Government

  19May Vatican is the Center of anti-Semitic Ugliness!

  12May Nobody is Forgotten, Nothing is Forgotten!

  05May Willingly Fooled by Classic Muslim Ploy

  28Apr Baruch Goldstein 20 Years Later

  21Apr When Muslims Murder Palestinians

  13Apr Respect Israeli Voters!

  06Apr Message from Zionist Arab Activist!

  31Mar Anti-Israel Legacy of Obama

  24Mar Victory or Last Warning to Likud

  17Mar There is no Even a Fake Peace Process!

  10Mar Children of Yishmael Evil by Nature!

  03Mar Why Bibi Speaking to Congress

  24Feb Why Israel is the World Best Nation

  17Feb Left is still Delusional about Peace

  10Feb There is no Muslim Silent Majority!

  03Feb Obamazational Threat to US Democracy!

  27Jan Obama anti-Israel Fraudster!

  20Jan I am not Charlie!

  13Jan Will Europe Learn the Lesson?

  06Jan Why is the Israeli Government anti-Zionist?



  30Dec Israel is a Strategic Partner of the USA

  23Dec Europe Learned Nothing from the Holocaust

  16Dec Hanukkah is a Zionist Celebration!

  09Dec European Symbolism is anti-Semitic!

  02Dec Dome of the Rock was Built for Jews

  25Nov Time to Win the War!

  18Nov Citizenship is Honor and the Privilege

  11Nov Problematic Muslim Enclaves

  04Nov Jews Under Siege in Jerusalem

  28Oct Facts about Forgotten Oslo Accords

  21Oct Terror is Profitable Business

  14Oct Most Bitter Western Enemy of Israel

  07Oct Israel-unfriendly White House

  30Sep Wahhabiyya - name of the True Enemy

  23Sep Schizophrenic US Middle East Policy

  16Sep Innovative Blind Hate

  09Sep Hamas is Much Worse than IS

  02Sep Mixed Weddings are Worse than Hamas

  26Aug Questions Muslims Unable to Answer

  19Aug Jews are a Peculiar People

  12Aug Deranged Islamic Anti-Semites

  05Aug Gaza is Playground of Rich Arabs

  29Jul  Hamas Relies on Deaths of Civilians

  22Jul  What Really Must be Done!

  15Jul  Only Retaking Gaza will Work!

  08Jul  Enemies of Jews are Relentless

  01Jul  The Secret of ME Conflict Exposed

  24Jun Has ZOA Awakened to the Ugly Reality?

  17Jun Abbas Tricking the Americans

  10Jun Disseminating Crimes of Islam

  03Jun Self-respect Answer to Anti-Semitism

  27May Papal anti-Israel Stunt!

  19May Battle for the Heart of Eretz-Israel

  12May Israel Needs New Allies

  05May Brave Arab Girl Told the Truth

  29Apr Negotiation is a Non-Starter

  23Apr Poisoned Push for Peace

  16Apr Who Do You Think You Are?

  09Apr Obama's Indecent Proposal

  02Apr Killers Release Game

  25Mar PA is Always Taker

  18Mar Shrinking Arab Population

  11Mar Jewish Schizophrenia

  04Mar Concerned 'Friends' of Israel

  25Feb ALLAH Gave the Land to Jews

  18Feb Selective Listening of Europeans

  11Feb Peace is not in Their Nature

  04Feb Was Obama Facilitating the Sinai Option?

  28Jan  Infiltrators are Existential Problem

  21Jan  Friendship is Two-way Street

  14Jan  Truth About the Pollard Affair

  07Jan  Boycott is Better than Rockets



  31Dec  Minorities Speak out for Israel

  24Dec  Free Pollard - End Hypocrisy

  17Dec  PA Uses Nazi Incitement

  10Dec  America Unreliable Partner

  03Dec  Obama's Idiotic ME Policy

  26Nov  Loopholes in Iran Nuclear Deal

  19Nov  America Discovered by a Jew?

  12Nov  Kosher vs. Halal Brutality

  05Nov  Jews Create - Bigots Hate and Kill

  29Oct  Saudis Way Ahead of Israel

  22Oct  Facilitators of the Holocaust

  15Oct  Muslims Need to Confront Evil

  08Oct  The UNRWA Dilemma

  01Oct  They Can not Pin this on Israel

  22Sep  Islamism, Fascism and Terrorism

  15Sep  Deliberate Promotion of Islam

  08Sep  Unjustly Vilified Jewish Hero!

  01Sep  Protecting Egyptian Democracy

  27Aug  The Two State Concept is Wrong

  20Aug  Strange Duality of the Peace Process

  13Aug  Peace is Pure Nazi Ideology

  06Aug  Transfer of Jews is still Acceptable

  30Jul  Peace Deception and Self-Destructive

  23Jul  Anti-Semitic Media Must be Stopped

  16Jul  Born in Palestine

  09Jul  The Cost of Islamisation of Europe

  02Jul  Cleansing of Gaza Strip is Needed

  25Jun Self-Destructive Jewish Guilt

  18Jun Where are Watch-dogs of Democracy?

  11Jun The Arab Spring and anti-Semitism

  04Jun Return of Fashionable Anti-Semitism

  27May Talk and Change Your Mind

  20May The Boy who was not Killed

  13May In Need Bigots Co-operate with Israel

  06May Root of the Conflict not Territorial

  29Apr Has Israel Lost Its Sovereignty?

  22Apr Soldiers Must Know the Enemy!

  17Apr Honoring Carter is Self-hating Stupidity

  11Apr Army Ready Combat Cyber-Attacks

  04Apr Apology is Humiliation of Israel

  26Mar Beginning of a New Era?

  19Mar New Government - 4 Parties

  12Mar Netanyahu is a Gutless Politician

  05Mar Bring Pollard to Israel

  26Feb Hezbollah Terrorists in Europe

  19Feb Islamic Barbarism has No Limits

  12Feb Unity Needed behind Zionist Vision

  05Feb "Anti-Semites" is a Name for Bigots

  29Jan Leasing Sinai is Another Peace Option

  22Jan Islamic Agenda is to kill Jews

  15Jan Bibi has no one to Blame but Himself

  08Jan Israel Should Annex Jewish Land

  01Jan Gang Rape is Part of Islamic Jihad



  26 Dec Abbas, as Irrelevant as Ever

  18 Dec US Arming Muslim Brotherhood

  11 Dec Celebration of True Zionism!

  04 Dec Jewish Destiny or Iron Dome?

  27 Nov How Long will this Hudna Last?

  21 Nov Abbas Put Obama in His Place

  14 Nov No Plan for Peace with Israel

  07 Nov Government Waiting for Jewish Blood

  30 Oct  Allah, Destroy the Jews

  23 Oct  They Sing the Same Tune

  16 Oct  PR Spin Serving Terror and Brutality

  10 Oct  Concern for the Lost Jews!

  03 Oct  Faked Outrage and Fury!

  25 Sep Learn about Mohamed from a Source

  18 Sep Murderous Rebels and Human Rights

  11 Sep International Idiocy still Prevail

  04 Sep Fortress High School for Israeli Kids

  28 Aug Why the Different Clock?

  22 Aug Can They Prove This?

  15 Aug Unmask US Spying on Israel

  08 Aug Look Who US is Supporting Now

  01 Aug Europe is Raped in Jihad War

  24 Jul   Iran is an Apocalyptic State

  17 Jul   UNRWA vs UNHCR Goals and Agenda

  10 Jul   Suha Arafat on Extortion Ploy Again?

  03 Jul   Tribute to Yitzchak Shamir

  26 Jun  Muslim Brotherhood - Fact Sheet

  19 Jun  They Clearly State Their Intention

  12 Jun  Paradox of Jewish State Politics

  05 Jun  Let Them Burn in "Flame"!

  29 May  Will Professional Boycotters Retaliate?

  23 May  The Beginnings of Ant-Semitism

  15 May  Tribute to Jewish Achievers

  08 May  Drone Strikes are "Legal"!

  01 May  Independence Day

  24 Apr  What about Violence Against Jews?

  17 Apr  Jerusalem - an Introduction

  10 Apr  Travesty of US Jerusalem Policy

  03 Apr  Anti-Terror War vs Schizoid Islamism

  27 Mar  Help Is on Its Way AFTER Election

  20 Mar  Egypt Revising the Camp David

  13 Mar  Let Us Have Our Backs Back

  06 Mar  Rules of War!

  28 Feb  The End of Arab Palestine

  21 Feb  Anti-Semitism is Politically Correct

  14 Feb  Betrayal in Shadow of the Arab Spring

  07 Feb  Three-Stage Plan to Wipe Out Israel

  31 Jan  World Silent on Threats to Destroy Israel

  24 Jan  Is Obama Naive or Gutless?

  17 Jan  Two Missiles a Day in 2011

  10 Jan  War Against Patriots Must End

  03 Jan  Real Friendship Recognised by Action



  27 Dec  Hamas Talks Peace but Declares War

  20 Dec  Truth is Out, Gingrich under Atack

  13 Dec  Celebrating Israel as a Start-Up Nation

  06 Dec  Enemies of America in UN

  30 Nov  Israeli Sovereignty in Judea, Samaria

  23 Nov  Under Threat from all Sides

  16 Nov  Fake Friends are Common Bigots

  09 Nov  PA Map Swallows Up Israel

  02 Nov  Concern of International Ugliness

  25 Oct   Creating the Legends of Lies

  18 Oct   Once We Were Giants

  11 Oct   Arab Spring has Turned Autumnal

  04 Oct   Eulogy for the Oslo Accords

  27 Sep  The Infamous State of Palestine

  20 Sep  Whose Fake State is it?

  13 Sep  Time to Cancel the Oslo Accords

  06 Sep  Israel Must Exert Its Power

  30 Aug  There is No "Ceasefire" in Arabic

  23 Aug  Liberal Country Abandon Multiculturalism

  16 Aug  Corruption in PA State Bluff

  09 Aug  The Jews in the Basement

  02 Aug  When Genocidal Intention Went Wrong

  26 Jul   Zionists Bought and Built Eretz-Israel

  19 Jul   Shameful Silence of anti-Jewish History

  12 Jul   Absurdity of Jewish Humanism!

  03 Jul   Time to Annex Judea and Samaria

  24 Jun  Fakeness of Peace Process

  17 Jun  The Larger MidEast Picture

  12 Jun  Bad Fruit of the Same Tree!

  05 Jun  Conniving Face of Israel's Enemy

  29 May Contiguous State Deception

  21 May Can Israel Trust the US Presidents?

  15 May Another Useless Peace Party

  08 May The Association has Exposed

  01 May Another Nail in the Peace Process

  24 Apr  Ten Years Under Rocket Fire

  17 Apr  Always Good to Know

  12 Apr  Admit that a War is On

  05 Apr  Hypocrisy of War on Terror

  28 Mar  Surrender of Sovereignty to Bullying

  21 Mar  Israel's Lost Sense of Mission

  14 Mar  Still Hidden Genocide Facilitators

  07 Mar  Jews in the Clear on Death of Christ

  28 Feb  United We Can Achieve It!

  22 Feb  We are Keeping Hevron

  15 Feb  Brotherhood in Global Islamic Conquest

  08 Feb  Israel was Never an Issue

  01 Feb  Inspired Israeli Politician

  25 Jan  Real Cost of US Aid to Israel

  18 Jan  Exodus from Islamic Europe

  11 Jan  What is first - Chicken or Egg?

  04 Jan  Lonely Voice of Realism



  28 Dec  Struggle for Freedom

  21 Dec  Rights Groups a PA Terror Weapon

  14 Dec  Moderate Islamic Terrorism

  07 Dec  Face Reality, Defend Own Interest

  30 Nov  The War Against Jews

  23 Nov  Apology for Unintentional Mistake

  16 Nov  Anti-Semitic Bigots Never Rest

  09 Nov  Index of anti-Israel Myths

  02 Nov  "Delusion" is a Medical Condition

  26 Oct  Forgotten Vision of Rabin

  19 Oct  Non-Representative 'Partner'

  12 Oct  Perplexed Supporters of Israel

  05 Oct  Peace Activists Raped by Arabs

  28 Sep  Broken Promises Promote Wrongs

  21 Sep  Words of Allah;s Apostle Clear

  15 Sep  Jewish Blood Portrayed by Media

  08 Sep  Delusional Leadership

  25 Aug  Military Option is Back

  17 Aug  Hamas on Killing Spree in Gaza

  11 Aug  Plan for Judenrein State

  04 Aug  Spy Scandal Duplicity

  27 Jul  We have Creat